The Current Time in Stavanger, Norway!

February 4, 2012


Our wonderful Norwegian friends- Anita, Oystein and Janne- who lived a couple houses down from us in Angola, gave each of the boys some Norwegian money (Krone) as a going away/ welcome to Norway present. They wanted the boys to spend it during their first visit to McDonald's in Stavanger. Zach was anxious to try it out and chose to go there for his birthday lunch! It was a fun afternoon out and quite yummy! Happy 10th Birthday, Zach and Thanks ( or should I say "Takk!") to the Gripsruds!

Birthday Boy, Zach, using his Krone to buy himself a cheeseburger (no onions, no pickles!) happy meal!

I love these fries!- Nolan

Best chicken nuggets!- Colby

You know you are in a Norwegian McDonald's when... it is normal for a group of boys to walk in and order with all of their snowboarding equipment, including snowboards and super snowy boots!


Leigh Muller said...

Happy Birthday Zach! We miss you guys! Love, The Muller Family;
Sean, Ava, Leigh and Ryan

anita said...

Hei hei...
Happy Birthday Zach,hope you had a good one,love to see this photo,it went stright into my heart to see you enjoy the snow,hugs and love to all of you,can't wait to see you in June,take care but have fun,Janne,Anita and Oystein.