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August 22, 2011

A quick "Summery" (Summer 2011)

Wow-wee! Another action packed, busy, fun, fun, fun summer! And now we're back and ready to enjoy the last 5 months of our 3-year stay here in Angola. I have been a bit lazy about the blog for awhile, I think because at the beginning of our assignment here everything was new and exciting and it was so fun to report about it, and then I slipped into just living here. (Not to say there aren't new and exciting things that happen around here...this place never ceases to amaze me!) Anway, I'm sure I've lost some readers along the way, but I plan on getting back into posting now that we are wrapping up our time here so that I can try to capture the essence of Angola as much as possible.

So to start, here's a quick "summery" of our Summer 2011...

Nothing says an American summer like a spontaneous day at the ballpark!

One of the first things Zach and Cobly think of when you say "summer" is they headed back to Camp Cho-Yeh for another awesome week at overnight camp!

With recording breaking temperatures in Houston this summer, we got creative and beat the heat by inviting good friends over for a day of waterslide fun!

And you just can't have an all-American summer without a trip (or two) to Chuck E. Cheese with friends!

Since we couldn't all be together for Christmas this year, my family decided to just have "Christmas in July". It was so much fun! We decorated a little bit, played Christmas music all day, had a big dinner, and, or course, opened Christmas presents!

For the first time ever, we took the boys up in the St. Louis Arch. It was a long wait...but well worth it!

For me, it just wouldn't be summer without a trip back to St. Louis to spend lots of time with family and good friends on my old stompin' grounds. Whether in St. Louis or in Houston, we crammed in as much friends and family time as possible!