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October 3, 2010

Special Painting

One day while looking at a bunch of different local Angolan artists' paintings I half jokingly said to one of the painters, named Antonio, "All of these paintings either have lots of people in them, or only one or two people. I have three boys, I need a painting with three people!"

A painting we have hanging in our kitchen
...with lots of people in it!
He said, "I don't usually put three people in my paintings (I'm not sure why), put I can make one for you." Then he said, "Do you want black boys or white boys in your painting?" This caught me off guard so I said to him, "Uh, we're in Africa...I'll take black boys!"
He just finished it last week and I am so exctied...I love it! So here it is!...

"Zach, Colby and Nolan Playing Around the Imbondeiro Tree" by Antonio

Me and Antonio the day he showed me the finished painting