The Current Time in Stavanger, Norway!

November 27, 2009

Rain Day

This morning my alarm clock went off at the same time it always does and just 3 minutes later, as I’m still lounging in bed, the phone rings with a message that there’s no school today! (There’s a large electrical problem.) Right away there was that familiar “snow day feeling” in the air that I remember from when I was a kid. So, I decided to make a big pancake breakfast to celebrate the special occasion. After eating (Isabel, our maid, joined us too- she had never had pancakes before!) the kids went out to play. Shortly after they went outside it started to drizzle, which is very rare here (It has only rained about 10 times in the year that we’ve lived here.) As the rain picked up the kids decided to play slip-and-slide on the trampoline…just like sledding! Then we all danced around in the rain, complete with a water fight…just like a snowball fight. The rain was actually chilly, so after about an hour we headed home to warm up with a nice warm shower- too bad we couldn’t have a nice, warm fire in the fireplace! It was only lunchtime, but the kids put on their pajamas so they’d be comfy to lounge around on this wet, wet day. And to top off our “Africa Snow Day”, a nice big mug of hot chocolate for everyone!

Hip! Hip! Horray for a Rain Day!

November 8, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Can you guess who??

The boys showing off their tie-dye pumpkin shirts Transformers Colby and ZachThe Super heroes! The parents joined in on the fun too!

The kids went trick-or-treating around the compound. Zach and Colby ran from house to house and Nolan took his time and sampled some candy along the way saying, "more candy! more candy!" after every house.

the professional trick-or-treaters the whole gang- all the kids on the compound dressed up and ready to party!

After trick-or-treating there was a party up at the rec. center for all the kids, complete with games, dance competitions and lots of food!

Colby and his friend, Ty, competing in the doughnut game- racing to to see who can eat a doughnut off a string the fastest, without using any hands!

Willy trying to bob-for-apples... He got a little wet!
Happy Halloween from Superman Nolan, Transformer Colby, Transformer Zach, Batman Will and Cow Sandy!